Odyssey Wild, Wonderful 24 Hour AR

May 19, 2012

Oak Hill, WV
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The 6th edition Odyssey Wild Wonderful 24HR will be part of three National Point Series, the new East Coast Adventure Race Series, the Checkpoint Tracker National Point Series, a Regional Qualifier for the USARA National Championship race.

Teams of 1, 2, 3 & 4 will trek with map and compass, ride mountain bikes up, over, and whitewater raft through the New River Gorge!!! Racers will get to have a bit of class V fun as part of the Wild Wonderful 24. Ace Adventure Resort will be providing the boats, paddles, helmets and PFD’s and guides for this segment of the race. Teams will be assigned to guides and boats. Don’t think you will be going for a leisurely float down the river. This is part of the RACE! These guides will be "hammering" it out with you down the river for bragging rights. Details will be revealed at the race brief how teams will be placed in the rafts. Wetsuits are recommended (see gear list for details).

This year's race will offer sweet single track, challenging navigation, and some wild WHITEWATER!!

ACE Adventure Resort will be the venue for the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Championships held on September 28, 2012, produced by Odyssey Adventure Racing.

Odyssey Adventure Racing will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from the events and matching all donation made by racers during the registration process to the IMONPoint.org. We are proud to contribute in the effort of helping service members regain control of their lives through education, rehabilitation, services, and equipment.

Ace Adventure Resort are offering Odyssey's volunteers, racers and their families the following specials:

Full Day Rafting - Lower New 16' - $69 per person  

1/2 Day Lower New 16' - $49  

Full Day Upper New - Kids raft free with Paying Parent


Choose between:($49 per person)

1/2 Day Canopy Tour

1/2 Day Rock Climb/Rappel

1/2 Day Guided Mt. Bike Tour

1/2 Day Paintball

The discount code for these specials will be posted in the volunteers and competitor newsletter. Which is coming soon! Sign up now to race or volunteer!

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Newsletter

Competitor Newsletter




May 19, 2012


Oak Hill , WV



70-80 miles


24 Hours


Mountain Biking: Single track, Fire Road and Pavement

Hiking/Trail Running: Single track and Fire Road

Paddling: White Water (Class III-V) Fully guided, no experience required

Navigation with map & compass: OAR provides topographic maps. You will navigate using a combination of map and compass, written Rules of Travel and by plotting the checkpoints using UTM's. There will be a post race-brief demonstration on using UTMs.


2 Person Single Gender, 2 Person Co-ed
3 Person Single Gender, 3 Person Co-ed
4 Person Single Gender, 4 Person Co-ed



2 Person
3 Person
4 Person
Discounted Fee (ends March 16)
Standard Fee (March 17 - May 4)
Fees per PERSON. Processing fee not included.
2 Person
3 Person
4 Person
Discounted Processing Fee (ends March 16)
Standard Processing Fee (March 17 - May 4)
Processing fees per TEAM.


Odyssey Refund and Cancellation Policy


MyTopo.com maps
White Water rafting
Zorrel performance shirt
Post race food
Prizes to all finishers

Important Dates

April 29, 2012: Last day that a Zorrel wicking shirt is included with registration

May 4, 2012: Registration Closes


Friday, May 18, 2012
Check in: 5:00 - 8:00pm (ACE Adventure Resort)
Race Brief: 8:30pm - MANDATORY attendance for all racers

Saturday, May 19, 2012
Starting Line: 6:45am Load up ACE buses for transport to put-in. 7:00am departure
Race Start: 8:00am (additional details given at race brief)

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Race Finish: 9:00am
Post Race meal: 7:00am





Charleston, WV Yeager Airport - National
Beckley, WV - USAirways/private

Other Airports Nearby:
Charlotte, NC - international
Roanoke, VA

Directions to ACE Adventure Resort

ACE Adventure Resort Coordinates:
Latitude, Longitude: W 81 5' 48", N 37 58' 27" UTM: 491502.47, 4202970.87

IMPORTANT NOTE: When using GPS units for directions – they will sometimes give the seemingly shortest or most direct instructions – this may not be the most practical course of action as they do not have all the roads correctly inputed. Use the following directions when you get close to our location. Any problems give us a call 1.800.787.3982.


From the East via I-64 West (or I-81 South):
Take I-64 West to I-77 North and then take **Exit #48 to Beckley/Summersville onto US Route 19 North. Drive approximately 11.2 miles to the (East) Main St. exit. At the stop sign turn right (North). Follow directions from Main St. below.
**This is the area we have problems with our guests using GPS units. The unit will instruct you to exit I-64 before exit 48, which will increase your drive time significantly**

From the North via I-77 South and I-65 East:
From Charleston, WV, take I-77 South / I-64 East to Exit #48 to Beckley / Summersville onto U.S. Rt. 19 North. Drive approximately 11.2 miles to the (East) Main St. exit. At the stop sign turn right (North). Follow directions from Main St. below.

From the North via I-79 South:
Take I-79 South to Exit #57 to Beckley onto U.S. Rt. 19 South. Drive approximately 57.8 miles to the (East) Main St. exit. At the stop sign turn left (North). Cross overpass and… Follow directions from Main St. below.

From the South via I-77 North:
Take I-77 North / I-64 West to Exit # 48 to Beckley/Summersville onto U.S. Rt. 19 North. Drive approximately 11.2 miles to the (East) Main St. exit. At the stop sign turn right (North). Follow directions from Main St. below.

From Main Street Exit:
Take the first left (directly across from the Little General – BP Gas Station) onto Minden Rd. (ACE sign). It is approximately 2.9 miles to ACE (check your odometer). At one point you will make a sharp left, cross a small wooden bridge, and make a sharp right. At mile 2.1 you will turn right (ACE sign on large pole) – do not go straight on Rocklick Rd. At mile 2.9 turn left at the ACE Adventure Center entrance and follow OAR event signage for parking and check-in.


Free camping for racers. You must reserve ahead of time. Let them know you are part of the Odyssey Event.

Lodging at ACE Adventure Resort

Try one of the deluxe log homes with hot tub, TV, AC and kitchen or bring your own gear or rent a tent and sleeping bag from ACE. There are several choices from campgrounds with bathhouses, family style tents on platforms to bunkhouses. Click www.aceraft.com for more information and to book directly with ACE.



No certifications are required.

Support Crews

This is race is unsupported. No support crew is required. If you have family or friends that would like to see you race, have them come and volunteer. They will receive volunteer credits that can then be transferred to you! (and they get to go white water rafting at a discounted rate).

Volunteer Registration


Most of the recommended and required gear can be purchased from MadAthlete.com

PERSONAL - To be carried by each competitor during the entire event.
* Competitors are responsible for their own food, drinks, and electrolyte replacement.
* Lighter
* Compass (1 per every 2 competitors on a team)
* Knife, within easy reach, minimum blade of 2.5", folding OK
* Whistle
* Cell Phone (1 per every 2 competitors on a team) - Fully Charged
* Synthetic, moisture-wicking top (i.e. Underarmour, Capeliene)
* Waterproof shell/jacket MUST have taped or sealed seams
* Fleece or wool top
* Fleece or wool hat
* Space blanket
* Head lamp with extra batteries for minimum of 8 hrs

Each TEAM/soloist competitor must possess permanently throughout the event:

* Trowel (For burying human waste in catholes 6-8 inches deep at least 200 ft from water, camp, or trails)
* (1) First aid kit as indicated below
* (1) Emergency strobe light (not a bike light or headlamp). The emergency strobe light must emit a bright white light    that can be seen at least 2 miles or more. Example- Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe
* (1) Small dry bag (or more than one is even better) for the safe-keeping of your cell phone. These bags MUST BE       WATERPROOF. It is to your benefit to make sure you have the best waterproofing system you can find.
* Passport, which must be carried and signed at each CP (given pre-race)
* List of the RULES
* Complete set of legible maps (given pre-race)

Emergency First Aid Kit (to be carried by each team/soloist at all times)
* 4 doses of pain/fever medication (Ibuprofen/Tylenol)
* (4) Betadine, iodine or alcohol swabs
* (4) standard Band-aids
* Iodine tablets for water purification
* (1) 3" ACE Bandage
* (4) 4"x4" gauze pads
* Medical tape or duct tape
* Antibiotic Cream: i.e. Neosporin

* (1) pair of surgical gloves
* Epi pens are strongly recommended for individuals with allergies to insect stings, etc.

The brand names are cited as references and may be replaced by an equivalent product. This mandatory emergency first aid kit will be checked at certain points in the competition. This is a minimal treatment list. We recommend you carry the amounts of medical supplies able to treat/remedy illness or injury for 24 hours.

Specific equipment for the whitewater paddling section:
Ace Adventure Resort will provide guides, boats, paddles, helmets AND LIFEJACKETS for the paddling section. (No personal paddles, pfds, or helmets allowed.)
* Wetsuit strongly recommended but not required. (You may rent from Ace Adventure Resort at 1 800 787 3982 to reserve and arrange p/u on Friday.)

The river company is recommending that packs not be taken on whitewater section. Packs will be transported to the end of the river section by Odyssey and will NOT be taken on whitewater section.
* Bag, marked with team number, large enough to hold optional wetsuit and water shoes for transport by Odyssey after river segment. This bag will be transported with your pack to the end of the river section by Odyssey. No garbage bags.

Specific equipment for the mountain bike section:
* Mountain bike marked with team number (Number will be given at check in)
* ANSI/Snell or CPSC-approve bike helmet

* Reflective tape (1" x 6" for helmet) to be cut and placed on side and back of helmet
* Front and rear lights; white light mounted to handlebars and red blinking light for rear
* Extra batteries for front & rear lights with minimum battery life of 8 hours
* Bike tire repair kit and bike tool-PER TEAM ; spare tubes, pump (or other tire inflation device)
* All Bikes to be tagged at check in w/team #

With each bike you may stage : 2 full water bottles, bike lights, bike repair kit & pump, spare bike batteries, bike shoes & helmet. NO FOOD may be left with bikes.

The timing of the event begins at the start of the race and officially ends when the entire team or soloist crosses the finish line. Each team is required to stay together for the entire race. If a team is found separated on the course, it can be judged “unofficial” or fined a penalty. You must remain within visual/verbal distance from your teammates at all times (100ft).

The course contains both mandatory checkpoints and optional checkpoints.

To remain official, a team/soloist must: complete the mandatory prescribed course; cross the finish line by the official race cutoff; obtain all of the mandatory checkpoints*; finish as a complete team.

*See “missing, stolen, misplaced CP(s)/inaccurate UTMs” for exception.

Incomplete teams must receive approval from Odyssey race staff to continue the race "unofficially". (more below)

The ranking of the race is determined by the Odyssey jury after any penalties and bonuses have been awarded.  “Official teams will be ranked by the total number of mandatory CPs acquired; in the case of a tie, we will count the number of optional CPs each team acquired and the team with the higher total count of mandatory + optional CPs will be ranked higher; if the grand total of mandatory + optional CPs produces a tie, then the team with the fastest total race time will be ranked higher.

Unofficial teams are out of the running for ranking, awards and prize dollars.

Prize dollars are awarded, on an overall finish basis, to premier division teams only.

PASSPORT: @ manned CPs: must be signed by race official. It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure they have their passport signed and returned to them before continuing to the next CP.

@ UNmanned CPs: MUST be punched in designated location or it will not be counted & if clipboard provided, must write team #, name & time on sheet. (for your safety!)

Missing, stolen, misplaced CP(s) or error in Rules of Travel : Teams should search in the vicinity of any CP for no longer than 30 minutes and attempt to notify race officials (via phone or radio) and then proceed to the next CP. If there is a stolen/misplaced CP and/or error in Rules of Travel, team will receive a 30 min credit for time lost. CP will be removed from the course.

If a mandatory CP is not stolen/misplaced and/or there is no error in Rules of Travel, then the team will become unofficial unless it returns to acquire the CP.

If an optional CP is not stolen/misplaced and/or there is no error in Rules of Travel, then the team will not incur any penalty for failure to acquire CP.

A racer may lodge a protest anytime during a race event; the protest must be in writing, turned in at a CP and be documented in their passport. Post race: A written protest must be received by race management no later than 1 (one) hour after the official race finish. All protests must have team name & #.

Race management reserves the right to award bonuses and penalties throughout the race. We also reserve the right to add bonus time to teams who have aided others in distress, and assess time penalties for infractions not mentioned on this list.

*You may not travel on railroad tracks and unauthorized roads, as noted in the Rules of Travel or clearly stated at race brief. Anytime there is a specific road/trail to follow, you are required to do so. In most cases you may decide your route, but in the cases where we list road/trail numbers, you will be required to use that route. You must also obtain all of the Mandatory CPs in sequential order, unless otherwise indicated.

Please note *** If for any reason a team member is unable to finish the race, you must inform the race management AT ONE OF THE MANNED CPs. Your leaving the race course MUST be verified by a race official. Unless you are seriously injured, you will most likely have to ride YOUR BIKES/HIKE OR FIND AN ALTERNATE WAY back to the start/finish line. The nature of this adventure race does not permit us to promise to pick up racers who have decided not to finish.

OAR reserves the right to refuse an application from any team or SOLO competitor.
Competitors, support teams, and volunteers authorize filming or sound recording, as well as the use of such documents/productions for informational, advertising, or promotional purposes.
All athletes, support persons and volunteers must complete a Medical Waiver and must be cleared, in writing, by a physician if they have any medical conditions or abnormalities. They must also inform the Medical Team of any illness or injury that occurs during or in conjunction with the event.

Each team and SOLO competitor will have mandatory items to carry while in the competition:
The following items may be checked at each CP, and/or possibly on the course:
- Passport(s), which must be carried and signed at each CP
- List of the event rules

- Rules of Travel
- Complete set of legible Odyssey-issued maps
- Mandatory safety and medical equipment
- Mandatory equipment for that section of the course

Disqualification From Competition:
- Use of GPS
- More than one hour late at the starting line
- Exceeding the deadline for any section, CP or ACP
- Disobeying instructions from a race official
- Disobeying instructions not to advance
- Abandoning a team member outside the checkpoints
- Unauthorized road/trail travel*
- Not portaging at mandatory rapids/portage sections
- Open fires
- Non emergency use of radios or cell phones
- Non-assistance to a person in danger
- Not wearing or improperly wearing a life jacket on the swim and/or paddle
- Not wearing a helmet while on the bike, swim or paddling in moving water
- Riding without lights from dusk to dawn
- Not wearing a helmet or climbing harness on the climbing sections
- Possession and/or use of a weapon
- Sabotage
- Use of an unauthorized means of transport
- Violation over the identity of a competitor or change of a team member during race
- Not following a roping-up line in a zone where this is mandatory
- Not clipped into safety line for climbing
- Loss of radio
- Littering (2nd offense)
- Removing/altering a trail sign or marking

One (1) Mandatory Checkpoint Penalty:
- Intervention by the Organization for assistance in water or climb
- Loss of passport or maps**
- Helmets and life jackets damaged or otherwise not in conformity with required standards
- Littering, disrespect for the environment (throwing of any waste that is not biodegradable or abandoning equipment) whether by the team or its assistance (support team, team reporters, or accompanying persons). First offense.
- Dispersed team
- Not wearing bib over clothing (except life vest)
- Missing item of safety equipment or mandatory equipment that is not in good order

**Make sure your maps and passports stay weatherproofed. You will need both of these items to finish the race. You may want to bring a highlighter to mark your maps, Ziplocs and duct tape for radio storage and map storage, etc.

ALL racers will have a chance to win swag from Hammer Nutrition, Zanfel and many others.

ALL Finishers will receive a prize.

TOP 3 OVERALL finishing 4 person Co-ed teams in the Odyssey Wild Wonderful Premier Division:

  • 1st Overall - $1000 Odyssey race vouchers + $400 toward USARA National Championship Race
  • 2nd Overall- $900 Odyssey race vouchers
  • 3rd Overall - $800 Odyssey race vouchers

These forms are specific for the Odyssey Wild, Wonderful and will close May 16, 2011, when registration closes.

Adult Waiver and Image Release Form

Medical Form

Under Age Waiver and Image Release Form

Skills Waiver from Class VI will need to be completed at race check in

Can we check in if a team member will not be there for check-in?
Yes, but all team members will have to have all forms completed.

What is the scale of the maps?
The maps will have varies scales, but at least one will be 1:24,000 scale maps. More information will be released in the competitor newsletter.

When will we get our maps and rules of travel?
You will get your maps and rules of travel after your team has completed check in.

What will be checked at gear check in?
Odyssey will no longer have gear check prior to the race. We WILL be checking gear on the race course. Each item missing will equal a penalty of one mandatory checkpoint.

What if I am not sure I have the correct piece of gear specificied on the gear list?
We feel our gear list is specific. If you need clarification on an item email competitor@OARevents.com. We can always verify items in person at check in. Common items that need clarification: water proof top has to have taped or sealed seams; must be a wool or fleece hat; knife blade has to be 2.5" long.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

No refunds for Odyssey events.


Odyssey Adventure Racing does not accept responsibility for refunds for cancellations in the event of natural or national emergencies. Natural emergencies may include, but are not limited to severe weather including heavy rain, snow, tornados, hurricanes, river flooding, heat spells and cold spells. National or international emergencies may include, but are not limited to military conflicts, terrorist attacks, security threats, war, and heightened security alerts.

How do I get on the emailing list for the Odyssey eNewsletter?
We are glad that you want to be one of the first to know what is new and coming up with Odyssey. To sign up click here: Odyssey eNewsletter.

April 29, 2012: Last day that a Zorrel wicking shirt is included with registration

May 4, 2012: Registration closes